Discovery's Services:

Discovery understands the time constraints involved with the discovery process.  Let us help you manage your litigation needs - locally or nationally.
We specialize in complex litigation and consistently provide high quality and timely court reporting services to the legal profession.
Discovery's Services:
  •     Conference Rooms:  Discovery provides two offices to service your reporting needs: 
         Raleigh, NC, and San Jose, CA.  In addition, we partner with Regus which allows us
         to host your depositions nationally, wherever Regus is located.    
  •     Court Reporting:  We have a network of experienced and professional local and 
         national court reporters to include Certified Shorthand Reporters, Certified Real Time
         Reporters, Registered Professional Reporters and Certified Livenote Reporters.
  •      Legal Videography:  Our videographers are highly skilled and experienced with the
          appropriate certifications required to provide videography services in each jurisdiction.
  •      Video Synchronization:  With our in-house video production facilities, you can be
          assured that confidentiality and consistent professional standards are tantamount in
          post-production of your synchronized depositions.
  •      Video Conferencing:  Discovery provides the most convenient video-conferencing
          facilities - across town or across the country - at affordable prices. 
  •      Try our WebEx Depos - personalized depositions on your laptop, iPad or iPhone.
  •      Document Repository:  Our on-line and mobile repository services include 24-hour access
          to your transcripts anytime - anywhere.